Our Story

Hey There!

My name is Shelby Killpack, and I am a specialist in beaded weft extensions. The reason I chose to specialize in beaded wefts is because I have had every kind of extension you can think of, from the q-tip extensions, tape in, clip ins, the list could go on and on. I have had extensions for over 7 years of my life.


Extensions have given me the confidence in my hair that I couldn’t achieve on my own. The reason I created this hair brand is because I wanted to provide the hair quality that I would personally use in my own hair. These extensions are thick to the very end, they are perfectly sewn to make sure your extensions are shedding as lightly as they come, the hair is smooth and never leaves you in a tangled mess.

Our Products

The hair extensions we created are extensions we believe in, and personally use. The thin weft is hand-sewn to give you the thinnest, finest base available that will leave you with no bulk at your root, a weft that is flat to your head so you don’t have to worry about your hair being too thin to cover. You will have absolute full confidence in this hair and it will give you the most natural gorgeous look possible!