Why hand tied?

We choose hand tied because it gives you the finest root to your weft, to leave you with no added bulk. You are free to experiment with more hair than before, because there is more room to add in extra wefts without damage or risking the root being too bulky to hide.

Will these damage my hair?

No, the reason I am so passionate about beaded weft extensions is that if they are done properly and taken care of properly there will be absolutely no damage to your natural hair.

Do you sell machine weft?

We do sell machine wefts, these are a great option if you have thicker hair, or dark hair that you aren’t as worried that you won’t be able to hide the weft, and your hair is strong enough to hold the bulk. For my blondes and girls with fine hair, we recommend our hand tied hair to make sure your hair can sustain the weight of the extension. Email us if you are interested in machine weft.

Can I swim with my extensions?

You can do anything you would do with your normal hair, with your extensions. Try to stay away from salt water as much as you can, because that will dry out your hair. You have to remember this hair is only receiving oils that you are putting into your hair, it can’t produce its own oils, so you need to be extra careful when you are stripping those out to make sure the integrity of your hair lasts longer.

How do I care for my extensions?

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What products do you recommend for my extensions?

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