Get the most out of your hair

We are very passionate about teaching you how to get the longest use of your hair. Our hair is top of the line so lets treat it well! Here are tips on how to keep your locks looking as beautiful as you deserve. Make sure and read at the end how to take care of your hair when swimming or being in the sun, that will make a huge difference in how long your hair will last!

WASHING: Try to wash your hair a maximum of 2-3 times a week. Washing to frequently will dry your ends faster. Using the right haircare products will greatly prolong the life of your extensions! We suggest a professional sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you are rinsing out shampoo and conditioner well, if products aren’t rinsed out of your hair correctly it can result in your roots rotting.

AFTER WASHING : Use a leave-in conditioner and high quality, lightweight oil after washing your hair. Avoid oil's containing alcohol as they will dry out your hair. Using oiil frequently is crucial - your hair needs oil to prevent split ends and you need to provide that for your extensions since they can’t produce oil on their own.

BLOW DRYING/STYLING: Use heat protectant every time you blow dry or use any hot tools. Blow dry the root of your extensions every time you get your hair wet. Not blow drying the root of your extensions can lead to the root of your extensions to rot. Use the concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer to prevent dead ends/flyways.

SLEEP ROUTINE: Wear your hair in a braid or a top knot when you are going to bed with a non creasing ponytail or scrunchy. This will help prevent any tangling or damage as you toss or turn in your sleep. We suggest investing in a silk pillowcase or nightcap to help prevent any tangling, help keep your hair smooth and prevent any breakage. Cotton pillow cases can cause breakage within your natural hair and extensions. Each night section your hair off above the weft and brush from the ends and work your way up to the root to prevent tangling.


Your extensions are real human hair and so you can do anything you would do with your natural hair - but with a little extra TLC. We suggest the following to help your hair live it's best and longest life.

  •  SUNSCREEN: You will want to be careful with sunscreen. When the sunscreen is absorbed into the hair and exposed to the UV light, the cells break down and turn the hair an orange/pink color that is nearly impossible to get out. Avoid using spray sunscreens to make sure it doesn’t get in your hair!
  • SALT WATER: Try to stay away from salt water as much as you can because that will dry out your hair and discolor them. Don't forget this hair is only receiving oils that you are putting into your hair, it can’t produce oil on its own, so you need to be extra careful when you are stripping those out to make sure the integrity of your hair lasts longer. It also helps to wet your hair before entering salt water to allow your hair to be full of moisture so it has less room to absorb salt when you go swimming.
  • CHLORINE: Just like your own hair chlorine can change the color of the hair extensions. It is best to thoroughly wash your hair after as the chemicals can dry out your hair. Applying oil after drying your hair will be your best friend to the ends of your extensions!



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