Why choose us?

High Quality, Reasonable Price

We found the best quality extensions available and are delivering them at a reasonable price. Though the process our hair goes through costs more than average high-end extensions, we are not taking that out of your pocket! We will always go the extra mile for all our clients. 

Our Process

How does our hair differ from our competitors?  Most use a traditional harsh, bleaching method that makes hair more susceptible to damage and difficult to maintain.  Our hair goes through a de-pigmentation process leaving the hair softer and less likely to tangle. 

Our Unique Process

Our production technique is originated from the textile industry, which is used to remove the color pigments from natural cashmere. The process is incredibly gentle and keeps the hair strong. It does not compromise the integrity of the hair resulting in colorfast hair that’s in virgin-like condition.

Our De-Pigmentation Process

The color molecules are actually removed from the hair rather than bleached. It removes all of the color pigment without altering the quality of the hair.

Typical Bleaching Process

The color pigments are broken down but they continue taking up space inside the hair. The bleaching agent also damages the hair, leaving it fragile and dry.

Our Pigmentation Process

The new pigment fills the empty space completely. The ensures that they molecule sits firmly in place and then the color will not fade, just like a cashmere sweater!

Traditional Dyeing Process

The traditional dyeing process manages to coat the molecule, remaining only on the surface. The color will easily fade after a few washes.