Healthy Hair Care Kit
Healthy Hair Care Kit
Healthy Hair Care Kit
Healthy Hair Care Kit
Healthy Hair Care Kit
Healthy Hair Care Kit

Healthy Hair Care Kit

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Meet our Healthy Hair Kit!

Our top products that we recommend if you want to keep your scalp and hair healthy and it's all packaged in the cutest bag for a bundled deal. This bundle is valued at $73. Each brush has a different purpose that will help your hair thrive. And for a final touch a silk scrunchy to sleep in. The benefits to each product are:

Boar Bristle Brush: 

This is a boar bristle brush with detangling brush prongs. This gives you the benefits of both a boar brush and a detangling brush. One big reason for hair loss or slow growing hair is restricted blood flow to the hair follicles. This brush gently massages the scalp which increases blood flow and unclogs the hair follicles.

other benefits:

Cleans Hair

Conditions hair naturally

Balances scalp oil production bringing the natural oils from your scalp to your ends

Prevents breakage

A great styling tool (especially for blending extensions)


Wet Brush:

You can use this brush on both wet and dry hair, it has soft bristles that help getting tangles out smoothly without damaging your hair. Wet hair is more prone to breakage, so it's important to use a brush that won't tug or pull at your hair.

Scalp Brush:

This brush has silicone prongs that are made specifically to lather and exfoliate the scalp while washing. Shampoo brushes can be made to remove product build up, and exfoliate dead skin to help with scalp health and promote growth while also giving you a relaxing shampoo scrub.

Silk Scrunchie:

  • prevents hair breakage + creases

  • reduces frizz

  • keeps hair hydrated

  • not onlu great for sleeping in but cute for an accessory for your day out!